When you’re looking for a home, the search for a neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle and practical needs can be overwhelming. You want quiet? Public schools? Something trendy? Something polished? Something family oriented? A single person’s dream? Boston has it all. And while there’s tons of public records data out there, it’s difficult to understand what it’s truly like to live in a particular neighborhood on a daily basis. So how do you decide which Boston “Nabe” is right for you?

NabeWise, a site that helps people explore neighborhoods, can help you get there. The site profiles neighborhoods and allows locals to rate & review their neighborhoods so that future residents can feel like they know a neighborhood before they step foot in it. Beacon Hill for example. A quick glance at the neighborhood profile will give you considerable sense of what this neighborhood is all about. Besides the initial editorial description and the photo tour, the neighborhood reputation tool quickly displays what word/phrase comes to mind when locals think of this nabe. The neighborhood rankings reveal that Beacon Hill is rated #1 for both “beautiful people” and “exclusive/prestigious” out of 116 Boston neighborhoods. At the same time, It’s rated less favorably for “parking” (#109). True on both accounts. Easy Life” post to see for yourself. Boston’s most family-friendly neighborhoods or the best Boston neighborhoods for singles. For example, a simple search will reveal that NabeWise’s members consider Newton Center and Buttonwood Village best for families, while Allston-Brighton and Jamaica Plain are considered the best for singles. And so on.


Digging down further, you can read some of the reviews from local residents of the neighborhood. People love detailing their experience of living in the neighborhood, from local favorite spots to advice on how to meet your neighbors. Take a read through this Beacon Hill reviewer’s ”

Since locals are the ones rating and reviewing their neighborhoods, you can see which collection of neighborhoods are

So what do you all think? How do the rankings hold up? And remember you have the power to change the rankings so go on and rate the neighborhoods you know!

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