In honor of Mother’s Day, I think I’ll blog about Boston real estate in-law apartments. But I need to put this blog post on hold. Why? Well, I need to buy my mom some flowers before the Beacon Hill Charles Street flower store closes for the day.

P.S. – I’m back with flowers in-hand. Here are some thoughts about Boston in-law apartments:

It’s still not clear to me why “in-law,” which implies the aging parent is the actual parent of one person in a marriage, but not the other, yet the Boston “in law” apartment is named after the relationship to that “other.” And let’s stop being politically correct here (actually, have I ever been politically correct on this Boston Real Estate Blog?). The truth is that a few Boston real estate agents have a nickname for in-law Boston apartments, which are often called mother-in-law units. One Boston real estate broker even created  the abbreviation “MIL” on the Boston MLS. But I’ve never seen a Boston apartment as a “Father-in-law” units (“FIL”).  So I’m a little confused. When you read about a Boston condo for sale that comes with an “in-law apartment,” who are they really ferring to? The MIL or FIL?