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hell noDaniel Peckham is a tenant in a West 21st Street apartment, in New York City. He pays $1,007 per month, basically because he lives in a rent-stabilized apartment. He lives there, legally, mind you. The owner is attempting to empty-out the building, so he can turn it into high-end apartments (I believe through renovation, not as a tear-down, although the story isn’t clear on this point).

All of Mr. Peckham’s neighbors, all of them, have moved out, some after receiving concessions (re: money) from the owner.

Mr. Peckham has said, no, repeatedly, to each offer. There have been numerous trips to court, and, even after judges sided with the owner, Mr. Peckham has yet to be evicted.

Here are the enticements Mr. Peckham has turned down:

· a move to an adjacent property owned by the same landlord, where he could pay same rent for next seven years;

· 18 different apartments to move to, most from West 68th to West 101st streets;

· an $800-a-month lease governed by rent-stabilized guidelines on a renovated one-bedroom on West 69th Street between Columbus Avenue and Broadway;

· a $75,000 buyout;

and, my favorite,

· a move back to same Chelsea apartment post-renovation, with a $15,000 relocation stipend in the meantime.

His answer to all such concepts? Hell no!

Source: Squatter – The Village Voice

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Updated: January 2018

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