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Fake story from the future:
Green Line re-opens after six-month delay
Work had been scheduled to be completed by late August

The MBTA’s Green Line’s D branch re-opened today, six-months’ later than expected.

The line, which carries 20,000 commuters during the day, was supposed to remain open during renovation work, but was closed on October 29, 2007 when workers accidentally left materials on the track, which led to a derailing causing several minor rider injuries. At that time, MBTA and state officials decided to close down the line, completely.

The work, which was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of August, 2007, had already been delayed when MBTA officials admitted they had miscalculated the amount of time that would be needed to make the necessary repairs. “We flat out lied,” said MBTA spokeswoman Latitia Johnson, at a morning press conference. “If we told you the truth, we’d all have been out of jobs by now!”

Work was also delayed because, instead of doing the repair work in the evening, when it would have been less of a burden to commuters, MBTA officials decided to work around the schedule of the Boston Red Sox, who were in the American League Playoffs and, then, the World Series (where they were swept by the New York Mets, 4 games straight).

In addition, T officials made a select few very happy, but the rest of commuters very unhappy, during the months of repair work by providing direct service – no stops, from Riverside to Fenway station on game days,” according to the MBTA’s website.

Subway riders were happy that the line would be reopening, but seemed resigned to their fate. “Eh, what can you do?” asked daily Green Line rider Michael S Dukakis. “At this point, we can’t ask for more than this, right?”

The T’s Grabauskas, reached by phone at his winter vacation home in Mykonos, had no updates on other Green Line renovation projects. The Kenmore Square bus / subway station had been scheduled for completion in early 2007, but delayed first until late 2007 and is now scheduled for completion in early 2009.

The line’s Copley Square station is also undergoing repairs. Renovations were expected to be completed by 2009; that date has been steadily stretched, and officials are now estimating completion in the century’s second decade.

The Commonwealth’s governor, Patrick Deval, was traveling between his vacation home in Western Massachusetts and his home in Milton, and could not be reached for comment.

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