Here’s something I’ve been thinking about regarding the stimulus pacakage: Supposedly we got ourselves into this economic mess by spending ourselves into oblivion. Economists, financial advisors are telling us we should’ve behaved more intelligently with our money.

But the federal stimulus package will shower us with millions if not billions in tax cuts so we can, do what…. you know, stimulate the economy.

Can you see why I’m a little confused here?

From the Washington Post

There has been less emphasis on what we, as individuals, should do. President Obama ducked the question at his news conference last week. But logic suggest that we should be gluing those credit cards back together. The goverment is actually going to pay us to buy a new house or car. Borrow and spend, borrow and spend is what got us into this mess. Apparently borrow and spend will get us out of it.

Support President Obama and borrow and spend your money on a new Boston condo.

Any thoughts?

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