Boston Real Estate for Sale

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz profiles the Boston Herald in a column in yesterday’s paper.

[The] paper is hurting, its daily circulation having shrunk to 203,000 (compared with 384,000 for the Boston Globe), and just 113,000 on Sunday. [It is] down to a scrappy band of 10 city reporters, beyond those in the features, business and sports sections.

The Boston Globe has over 375 employees; the Herald, one third of that. Both papers have reduced headcount over the past several years, of course.

At the bottom of the article is this tasty treat:

The Herald has its Herald Square headquarters up for sale. It’s located on the very edge of the South End, near Chinatown. What would go there in its place is unknown.

Will the New York Streets live again?

Source: Boston’s Scrappy Herald, Screaming for Readers – By Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post

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