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I don’t have much to add to this article from the Globe.

Basically, the city installed a bunch of fancy new trash receptacles along Newbury Street.

The Back Bay Architectural Commission doesn’t like them. Too big. Too industrial-looking. Too … green.

“Here you have this historic street with historic streetlights and furniture, and then you have this … thing,” said Harry Moraitis, a commission member who described them as big, squat refrigerators. “We’re just trying to make it look more appropriate to the neighborhood.”

The funny part is the manufacturer’s response:

“It’s like having a historic-looking rocket ship. This is a solar-powered mechanical device,” said Jack Kutner, senior vice president at Seahorse Power Co., the Needham company that created the BigBelly Cordless Compaction System.

“In theory, could we develop it in a chassis that is in a historic barrel? No one has explained to us what that would mean. What does a historic-looking solar powered trash compactor look like?”

He said the company is already working on a new compactor that could be used in Boston and elsewhere because it is smaller — with a footprint of 4.7 square feet on the sidewalk, instead of the current 6.3 square feet — and has a slightly sleeker, more rounded look. It also comes in black.

“Whether that’s going to make it look like something Ben Franklin would want to throw his trash into, I don’t know,” Kutner said.

Haha. Mr. Kutner, you’d better pay attention to this, or your company is gonna be out some serious dough.

Source: Back Bay throws out a challenge – By Matt Viser, The Boston Globe

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