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Honey, am I your weekend repairman?

Buying your own downtown Boston condo for sale has a lot of perks, which I have mentioned several times in this blog. But it also comes with some headaches as well.

It might be a small maintenance repair or something more major like a major water leak you can count on something that will need to be repaired.

The worse is when it happens that is close to closing on your home both as a buyer and seller which can be a very upsetting experience.

A Boston condo owner

As a homeowner myself I have had or made every kind of repair I can think of and a lot of home improvements too.  The most recent repair was to some plumbing and because of my lack of plumbing talents, it cost $600. Before that, it was an electrical problem in the kitchen.

Our newest appliance is a refrigerator that we bought just before the pandemic lockdowns started. The year before that we bought a new washer after having had the old one repaired a couple of times.

The house has been resided, re-roofed and one of the porches has been rebuilt. We have purchase water heaters, a furnace, and we added central air. We have replaced sinks and faucets and old worn kitchen countertops too. I have sanded hardwood floors and I have tiled others. We have never carpeted anything but I have had that done for family members and have learned from it.

Each appliance in the house has been replaced at least once. We have a few new windows and have added storm windows.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

By now you might be wondering what my point is. It is that any home is going to involve repairs and some of them will be expensive. Homeowners should put money aside or save up for repairs. A minimum of $2000 a year for a modest median-priced downtown Boston condo and more for a Boston suburb home. They are unavoidable and even though they can be upsetting you shouldn’t let them upset you.

It is best to keep on top of repairs and to do a little every year. Deferred maintenance can lead to more expensive repairs and hurt the value and saleability of your real estate.

“Honey, the faucet is leaking again,”

Okay, I’ll call your old boyfriend.

Boston Condos for Sale 2021


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