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The Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square is expanding.

If you’re like us, your first thought might be: But where?

Well, there’s apparently a parking lot in the back of the hotel, abutting the Turnpike.

Never would have known that. But that’s where they’re expanding.

The expansion would add 96 rooms, bringing the total to 245 rooms, and add extra meeting space as well.

The hotel must be doing well, even though the recent refurbishing of the Kenmore T station out front has to be one of the biggest disappointments and missed opportunities for truly transforming the square.

Instead of a stately looking station that would match the Hotel Commonwealth and other old Kenmore architecture, the T went with the 1970s-like, pseudo-hip modern glass stuff. Nothing against 1970s-like, pseudo-hip modern glass stuff. But it just doesn’t work.

Still, glad to see the Hotel Commonwealth going strong. It’s a big plus to the square.

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Updated: January 2018

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