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I’m not sure if its just me, but are you seeing more homelessness in downtown Boston? I noticed in my corner of the world on Charles Street in Beacon Hill, it seems to be more homeless individuals. Its very common now to see a group of homeless sitting next to CVS on the corner of Charles and Cambridge Street. I now also see them near to the  liquor store on Charles Street. Another common place now is under the Red Line overpass on Cambridge Street. 

Are you seeing this in your downtown Boston neighborhood?

Here are some sad housing stats:

 About 5,000 Boston Public Schools students are homeless

In addition, there are more than 10,000 children and parents “doubled up,” living with another family in residences not meant for two families in order to make ends meet.

For a family of three to live comfortably in the city, the household income should be at least $90,000.

What’s going on?

I understand our economy isn’t doing so well, but can’t we help these people living on the streets?

I have heard all kinds of reasons why we have a homelessness in downtown Boston

I did a little research and the number one cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. It is possible to have a couple of jobs and not be able to afford a small apartment. Losing a job or having hours cut can lead to homelessness.

Chemical dependency and mental illness can cause people to lose housing.

More people without homes are staying out of formal shelters.  People experiencing homelessness is up. The Globe reported in January that Massachusetts had the highest percentage increase in family homelessness of any state since 2007, according to federal data.

https://www.hudexchange. info/resource/5948/2019-ahar-part-1-pit-estimates-of-homelessness-in-the-us/

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

If we can find some good news its this: Massachusetts is the only state with a right to shelter, which means that if families can prove they are homeless for an eligible reason, such as a no-fault eviction or a natural disaster, the state is required to provide shelter to them.

Boston real estate for sale search


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