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How can Boston condo buyers find success in an increasingly competitive market?

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How can Boston condo buyers find success in an increasingly competitive market?

Boston condo for sale buyers in the residential market are gaining leverage — for now. 

Agents say there’s also strong negotiability in the new-development market.

It’s a trend agents say they’re seeing anecdotally, and that will likely lead to lower asking prices in the short-term as sellers adapt and price their homes more competitively.

But they say the spring selling season could undo that trend. The demand is strong for well-priced Boston condos for sale, suggesting the market could shift quickly in the spring.

Boston condo for sale interest rates

The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 6.66 percent last week, according to Freddie Mac, and has been on a downward trend since peaking at 7.76 percent in late November. But it’s still more than twice what it was early in the pandemic, and the Federal Reserve has created expectations that borrowing will become less expensive this year and next.

Rate cuts by the Federal Reserve in March, which Goldman Sachs predicts, could also catalyze buyers. Previously, prognosticators thought the first rate cut wouldn’t come until mid-year.

My thoughts on the Boston condo for sale market 

I think people are going to be in for a very rude awakening once we get to the spring market, as potential interest rate cuts and seasonality will bring a big enough surge of Boston condo for sale buyers to erase the usual uptick in Boston condominium listings, and then some.

If you’re still actively looking to buy something —  it’s hard not to sound like a salesman — but this is the absolute best time to pull the trigger. There will be new inventory in the spring, but it’s not going to be this tremendous dump of inventory Boston condo for sale buyers are expecting.

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How can Boston condo buyers find success in an increasingly competitive market?

The oppressive temperatures have finally abated. Nevertheless, both the temperature and the Boston housing market still remain sultry.

Although home-buyers, especially first time buyers, can find it difficult, Boston condominiums are being sold quicker than ever and numerous sellers are attaining near or even over the requested price. What steps can a purchaser take to achieve success in these competitive markets?


As a potential Boston condo buyer in a competitive real estate market, priming yourself with pre-approval should be your first priority. Before searching for the perfect home, taking care of the financial practices is essential. Exploring properties is undoubtedly enjoyable, yet paperwork can often seem tedious. Nevertheless, you should not overlook it or you may potentially forfeit advantageous opportunities.

Exploring residences prematurely before you have talked with a financial institution might be a great method to begin getting an understanding of areas and what you can obtain with your cash in different locations, yet if this is the point you are at, you are not viewed as a “ready Boston condo buyer”. Once you’ve identified a property that interests you and it comes time to make offers, proceedings occur swiftly. It is essential in a competitive situation to have all your preparation taken care of before giving an offer. Having a pre-approval letter implies that you have already been accepted up to a particular sum for credit, assuming the offer is satisfactory. This makes it easier for you when selecting a home, as you have a reference figure to go by, as well as it being useful for your real estate agent in order to show you those properties that fit your budget and are within the price range that you can afford to purchase.

Having a pre-qualification letter on hand illustrates to the seller that you already meet the qualification criteria for a loan, thus reducing stress and worry throughout the process. Try to put yourself in the seller’s position to comprehend why this is so relevant. Would it be a good idea to remove a property from the market for someone without the means to secure financing? Likely not.


To display yourself as a highly appealing possible buyer, it is wise to be accommodating with the conditions of your proposal. Every real estate deal differs, and their own desired terms may not conform to other deals. If you are open to negotiation, this can work in your favor. For instance, if the owners of a house you are looking at must move away quickly, allowing them more time to do so could be beneficial.

If you offer a lengthier escrow period, such as a span of 60 days or more, your proposal may be more appealing than bids from other buyers who opt for an expedited 30-day closing process. On the other hand, a quicker end date could give you an edge in negotiations if individuals requiring swift maneuvering are among the offers being considered.

Besides accommodating the deadline for completion of the sale, you can demonstrate your sincerity to purchase by fronting a larger amount of earnest money. This will demonstrate your commitment and involvement in the transaction to the seller. Putting forward a larger sum of money may demonstrate to the seller that you have a greater level of commitment and are more likely to reach an agreement, making your proposal more attractive.

A Beacon Hill condo buyer can also consider putting in a definite bid or decreasing the time limit for their conditions. Ordinarily, a buyer is assigned a designated period of time to complete research and carry out reviews. This is the duration during which one needs to guarantee that they are content with their purchase and obtaining what they anticipated.

Rendering a non-contingent proposal signifies that you are relinquishing your entitlement, which is satisfactory for the seller in terms of the property’s existing state and will not require any redress or lowering of cost. This increases your offer’s credibility from the vendor’s viewpoint, yet puts you in a precarious situation as a buyer. I would advise only offering a firm bid if you are an experienced home buyer or investor.


What occurs when cash investors compete? As the real estate industry rises in demand and popularity, more investors enter the market attempting to gain a profit. This can be a major hurdle for those seeking to purchase a home with credit, since cash offers are usually much more appealing than borrowing money.

A financial offer in hand means the vendor need not fear the prospect of a borrower’s mortgage not being approved and these payments can often be processed faster than those who require loan funding. This is an acute problem confronting numerous property buyers, because they are being outcompeted by those making cash offers. What steps can you take to address this issue?

When investors bring money to the table, they often attempt to negotiate a discounted price due to being able to pay immediately. To counteract this, proposing an offer above market value may be a good strategy. Maintaining a sense of comfort in regards to the amount you are proposing is essential, and you don’t wish to appear as though you are disbursing more than necessary, yet presenting a higher rate than what is being asked can demonstrate to the seller your earnestness and reward them further.

This tactic could give you the advantage. If you have been losing out on properties to buyers making all-cash offers, consider viewing properties in a slightly lower price range so that you have room to make a bigger, more competitive offer.

A further proposal to rival money is to personalize your bid. Contemplate penning a missive and even enclosing an image of your household with your offer. Certain vendors have strong ties to their real estate, with a certain perspective on how it should be utilized. Take for instance an aged vendor who has had the residence for extended periods of time and birthed their children there. When purchasing a property as a family intending to make it a permanent residence, having a letter of explanation coupled with an image of your family may persuade the seller compared to another buyer who plans on remodeling the entire home.


If you are in contention with others , the Seller may pick the most appealing offer and decline all other bids, making it their highest priority. Should you be declined from bidding, there is not a great deal of action that can be taken apart from hoping the deal won’t go ahead and your offer will come into consideration as a contingency.

The alternate plan is to respond in kind to a few of the more robust offer. What follows is that all other bids are turned down and the chosen ones receive a counter-offer, indicating that the seller is countering their submitted offers and then passing this back to prospective buyers. Typically, in this case, the vendor will demand the prospective purchasers for their “most desirable and attractive”, or their most powerful bid. In this condition, the buyers are taking part against each other. The ultimate tactic a vendor has when receiving various bids is to counteroffer every presented offer.

For an advantageous outcome in dynamic markets, you may want to think about making your highest and most attractive submission right away. Having the top bid may suffice for the seller to not consider other bids allowing you and them to discuss terms. Essential is to have your ideal paying range in mind, as bidding wars could mean paying more than necessary.


Once you have arrived at the condition in which an offer has been accepted and a title is being held, demonstrate that you are a reliable buyer. Ensure there is continuous communication between you, your representative, your financier, and anybody else included in the exchange. Maintaining effective dialogue amongst all members of the group will ensure that projects are completed efficiently and on schedule. Additionally, remain conscious of any relevant deadlines. To avoid complications and ensure a smooth closing, fill out the required forms promptly and handle tasks such as inspections and appraisals in a timely manner.


If you cannot locate a condominium that meets your needs, the situation might be due to a decreasing number of residences available in certain regions, such as Beacon Hill.

The simplest option may be altering your requirements, however this might not be feasible for everybody. Certain individuals may have to be situated in a particular vicinity or must have certain amenities that are non-transferable. Therefore, your standards are immovable and you are subject to the supply and demand of what is newly available.

If you wish to be more assertive in addressing this, a few options are available. Think about collaborating with a nearby representative who is ready to investigate different areas on your behalf. This methodology might involve visiting different areas and checking if anyone has a willingness to buy or sell, or conveying flyers. Contemplate making a letter for your realtor outlining your family’s circumstances and the reasons why your family is trying to relocate to that area; and have your realtor pass them out or distribute them by mail.

A productive strategy is to search for a real estate representative who specializes in working with investors. This may include brokers that solely focus on assisting retail customers, those who solely deal with investors, and individuals who work with both. If your local marketplace has limited resources, you may want to enlist the help of an agent with a strong clientele of investors. They can likely guide you to developments that are near completion and expected to be available within the near future.

Partnering with these brokers can allow you to explore unreleased listings and offer to buy before general availability, potentially eliminating other bidders. This could be a major asset, possibly sparing you from the competitive process. Due to dealing with both traditional retail customers as well as investors, we are able to give tours of upcoming properties to our customers. If they are interested in buying, we can make offers on the recently renovated home before it is put up for sale.

Though the competition may be fierce in some real estate areas, don’t worry; numerous customers nationwide are still obtaining successful deals within their local markets. It may require multiple requests, but there is always a possibility of success. You don’t need to go through it by yourself. We are here for your every need, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or worries!

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