We’re All Not So Neighborly

It turns out we’re all not so neighborly, even around downtown Boston with the self proclaimed slogan ““Massachusetts: Kiss our Mass.””.A survey of over 1000 Americans was used to develop a “neighborly score”; a consolidation of responses that scored groups by gender, race, generation and political affiliation. The results were a bit surprising; turns out less than 50% of folks do much beyond the “howareya” head bob or smile. Only 34% of us have had neighbors over or been over at their Boston condo.

Boston Condos – Next-Door Niceties

The drop off after the “smile” is precipitous…Not many coming over to borrow a cup of sugar from Mrs. Cleaver.

Boston Condos – Neighbors by the Numbers

Look at the generational spread. 

Uh oh, the millennial bashing seems to continue with these scores. Perhaps the boomers have more time on their hands and the millennials are trying to knock down killer student debt? Gen-X…chilling in the middle.

Considering the data by race, Asian-Americans scored the lowest for both acts, with 65 percent learning their Asian-American neighbor’s name and only 15 percent inviting them over.


This must be the season for surveys as we just reviewed a study from the National Association of Realtors. They looked at home buyers by race and gender, by what motivated home buyers and multiple diverse findings about home buyers.

The full report can be seen here. In the meantime…

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