How many Boston real estate agents are there?

Ever wondered how many real estate agents there are in this fine city of Boston, Massachusetts?

When you type “real estate agents In Boston” into Google, you get over 9 million results. Although it may seem like there are 9 million real estate agents, because everyone seems to know one, there really can’t be that many.

So how many, then?

One way to figure out how many real estate agents there are is to figure out how many licenses were issued in MA? Yes, to be a real estate agent in Boston one must first take classes and pass an exam to obtain an official license  This allows you to act as an agent on the behalf of clients in buying and selling Boston real estate.

When it comes to counting the number of licensed real estate agents in Boston, it’s not as easy as it seems. The Mass Real Estate Board doesn’t keep track of where a person hangs their license and conducts business, they just have a list of names and addresses of license holders. Technically, someone living outside the Boston metro area could work as a real estate agent in Boston.. However, we can get an idea at looking  MLS. According to MLS there are just over 8,000 individuals with active real estate licenses in the Boston metro area.


With so many agents in the Boston Metro area, it’s a competitive environment for those Boston real estate brokers/agent who want to succeed. With mobile technologies and plenty of job options it makes it easy and tempting for new agents to enter this field. However, successful agents must do more than show properties and accept listings. One of the most important factors is that buyers and sellers can find you on Google for key search terms. My team, with our webmaster, are working to overcome this important obstacle. Stay tuned.

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