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How the supply chain is impacting Boston condo buyers and builders and their new solutions

Boston condo for sale builders are continuing to face material shortages and now, rather than keep real estate buyers waiting, they’re allowing new home buyers to move in even as the properties remain unfinished.

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The supply chain problems are the result of on-off factory closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, port capacity limits and transportation delays. Due to the shortages, Boston high rise condo builders have struggled to get hold of things like windows, doors, home appliances and even paint.

Boston Condo Material Shortage

The material shortages have caused problems with the new Boston high rise condo market ever since the pandemic began. Boston condominium builders say there’s no sign of improvement in the supply chain and that it is taking weeks longer than usual to finish many new homes because of the widespread shortage of supplies.

If anything, the situation is getting worse. A November survey by real estate research firm Zonda found that 90% of U.S. home builders have experience supply disruption, up from 75% in January 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Boston High-Rise Condo Builders and Buyers

To counter the delays, Boston property builders have attempted to stock up on some products. Others have been trying to source substitute materials and products where possible.

Now, some are even allowing new home buyers to move in early. Some Boston condo buyers opted to move into their new homes before it was able to install interior doors. Some Boston apartment builders have been waiting weeks for those supplies, and some apartment renters and condo buyers didn’t want to delay their move.

Boston apartment builders,, stated ordering windows six months in advance due to the long wait times. Before the pandemic, its standard practice was to order windows just 60 days ahead of time.

Boston Condos and Apartments

It’s not just that materials are taking longer to arrive though. Limited supply means they also cost much more, and those cost increases are being passed onto Boston condos buyers and apartment renters.

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