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Housing costs driving even doctors off Martha’s Vineyard

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(Photo Illustration by The Real Deal with Getty Images)

More than 150,000 people visit Martha’s Vineyard every year — some courtesy of Florida taxpayers — but very few can afford to stay.

Finding help is nothing new to resort areas where housing costs have spiraled upwards, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is even having trouble recruiting doctors and nurses, and has been working at three-quarters for months, according to the Wall Street Journal

Teachers, firefighters and police officers are all being priced off the island as rents have skyrocketed. Some service workers holding down two or three jobs are still struggling to stay in the homes where they’ve lived for years.

“We’re hemorrhaging people who are our infrastructure, who hold this community up,” said Laura Silber, the coordinator of the Coalition to Create the Martha’s Vineyard Housing Bank.

The hospital has resorted to leasing dorm-style units and offering subsidized housing to its workers. It’s now trying to purchase a property that could house 50 workers and their families, but this is not an ideal solution.

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