Is February a good time in Boston to sell real estate?

Pros selling a downtown condo in Feb

  • Low Inventory – buyer traffic increases from January as well.
  • No major holidays to work around. Most buyers will be in town.

Cons for selling a downtown condo in Feb

  • Weather could still be bad at times in the downtown Boston area.
  • Buyer traffic is increasing, but not near a peak level yet.

Tips: There really isn’t a great reason not to sell your Midtown or Beacon Hill condo in February. The start of 2020 looks like a fantastic Boston real estate market in our area. The only possible reason I could see delaying is if you are absolutely certain your Boston high rise condo would sell in a weekend, meaning you’re in a really hot downtown Boston neighborhood or area. Then you might want to wait until buyer traffic hits its absolute peak. But if you’re not 100% confident your home will sell immediately – list in Feb! This gives you plenty of  plenty of real estate market time ahead of you to sell.

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