How many showings should your Boston Beacon Hill home be getting once it goes on the market? As a Beacon Hill real estate agent, I’ve learned that every seller has their own expectation – some are fine with one potential buyer looking around every week are so, some are calling in indignation if their Beacon Hill condo gets less than ten showings in the first three days on the market.


The most important factor to selling your Beacon Hill condominium and attracting a buyer is price.


According to nearly every real estate industry expert, with number two being marketing. I, however, would argue that number one is marketing, because how can a buyer get excited about the price if they’ve never seen your Boston Beacon Hill home in the first place? Buyers, or real estate agents acting on the behalf of buyers, normally search for homes online by price range (nearly 96% of home sales can be linked to online views). Then they make the decision to ask for a showing once they click on the listing and learn more about it, hopefully through the great information and photos the listing agent has provided. This is why we spend more money to feature our listings online, pushing them in front of other Boston downtown homes on the top real estate websites. We generate over 3,000 targeted online views per month on average, sometimes more than 5,000 online views per month. Consequently, we get significantly more visitors and offers – selling fast and for more. Even if every home in a certain Boston downtown neighborhood is going pending in days with multiple offers, we tend to get more multiple offers. Excellent online marketing is a multiplying factor in home sales. 

From ,winter and spring, and summer and fall the volume of buyers on the market is different. Only the most dedicated buyers out on a cold, snowy Boston winter day to go home shopping in person, but in the spring and summer, the sun will naturally bring out more potential home buyers. That doesn’t mean that everyone who looks at your home is serious about making an offer.

Is your Beacon Hill home not selling? Your home may be priced to high, or there may be some issue that is scaring buyers away. You might want to ask your real estate agent what kind of feedback he or she is getting from the agents showing your Beacon Hill condos for sale. There might be something you can change pretty easily — some new appliances, or a fresh coat of paint — that will go a long way toward turning your “needs work” home into a “charmer”.

On the other hand, if no potential buyers are coming around, despite your home being fairly priced and ready to sell, it’s a good time to double-check your real estate agent’s marketing on your Beacon Hill home. Is all the information correct in the listing sheet? A single MLS-keyed number could drive potential buyers away, for example 1.5 baths instead of 2.5. What do the photos look like? Is your home listed on all the major real estate search engine websites, along with having its own website? Is the listing agent offering buyer’s agent commission compensation?

I can’t overemphasize how important it is to have a staging consultation and professional photography as part of your listing package, I ensure that your home will seen on just about every website related to real estate in Boston and beyond. 

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