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July 4th Weekend Can Be a “Consciousness Raising Moment.’

The year was 1999.  I remember it clearly because it was the first time in my life I was laid off from an employer a ‘consciousness raising moment’. My ‘take charge’ personality always comes out when there there’s a crisis in my life that needs attention. Mixed with a little bit of macho, a touch of  modicum of male cluelessness, I moved forward and obtaining my Boston real estate license.

The murder of George Floyd has also raised my consciousness. This time it is about racism in America. Walking down the street as a Black man is a different experience than walking down the street as a Caucasian. Until recently,I don’t think I ever realized how it permeates every aspect of society and causes continual pain and anxiety for people of color

July 4th Weekend

Liberty is a state of mind. It can be seen as a chance for freedom. We can choose to be part of something or choose to be apart.

Liberty is a willingness to connect and to offer dignity in response to those around us.

The Term Sawubona

One of the most important words I know doesn’t have a simple English equivalent, which says a lot. Sawubona, a Zulu term, means, “I see you.” Not just your face, of course, but your hopes, your dreams, where you came from and where you’re going. It’s not something we’re good at, and I need to do it better.

Enjoy the July 4th Weekend

And take a moment to raise your consciousness

Remember our independence is determined by our interdependence.

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