Hoping for lower home prices in Boston and throughout Massachusetts?

Unlikely, today.

Even more unlikely, tomorrow, if (and when) the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates by a quarter (or half?) point, come September 18th.

While inflation seems forever soaring on, given the anemic jobs report that just came out, coupled with slower consumer spending and the general hysteria hitting the economy, it seems a done deal that the government will step in.

Because we don’t live in a “free-market economy”, where supply and demand are elastic.

Meaning that you, homebuyer, will have to settle for a lot less house than you could get, had we all taken a breath and waited to see how things worked out, on their own.

( ** I have no idea what I meant by “elastic” … I was just throwing economic terms around. The rest of my argument is valid, however. **)

More: Economist: Fed has the Power to End Housing Slump – By Peter Coy, Business Week Online, by way of Realtor.org

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