The LINK listing service hosted a morning presentation by John Rosenthal, the man behind the company behind the massive development proposed over the Mass Pike, just outside Kenmore Square.

I am a big fan of new housing projects, because I think the number one way to reduce the cost of housing is to increase supply.

I enjoyed John Rosenthal’s presentation and was happy to find out we seem to think alike about some things.

The project he is proposing would develop four parcels over the Mass Pike, from the space nearest to the Virgin Megastore building, all the way down past Kenmore Square (where the Cask ‘n Flagon is) and beyond, to the Beacon Street bridge (I believe).

The multi-use project would include condos, apartments, retail, and maybe commercial, I am not sure.

Rosenthal had originally planned to put two high-rise buildings up behind Fenway Park (parcel 7 I think) but the Red Sox were, how you say, adamantly opposed to it, basically because they didn’t want the views past left field to be marred by buildings (they wanted a clear view of the Citgo building, apparently).  After some pressure from city hall, the Red Sox and Rosenthal were able to resolve their differences.

The latest proposal has the Red Sox building a 2500 spot parking garage behind Fenway Park (beyond the Green Monster, on Lansdowne Street, where there is an existing garage, currently).

Rosenthal switched parcels, and now will construct his high-rises further down, on what is called Parcel 6 (parcels go up in number from here toward South Station and then end of the Pike). His buildings will have some parking, as well.

The audience at the presentation was made up of real estate agents as well as a couple of developers (Norman Leventhal of the Copley Group was in attendance). Honestly, however, I wonder how many people had any idea what he was talking about. I think most people came to network.



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