Are you a property owner, or going to be a property owner? If yes, did you read the book “Little Pink House” by Jeff Benedict.

The book is a true story about how Susette Kelco in 1997 plunked down her life savings to purchase her dream home which was a Victorian fixer-upper overlooking  Long Island Sound.

A few years after she moved in and was working on her house, when Pfizar Inc, the Pharmaceutical company announced plans to build a large research facility nearby. Upon the announcement, a local real estate developer moved right in and started to buy out local property owners. Mrs. Kelco and a few others said no. The day before Thanksgiving in 2000 she came home from work to find an eviction notice on her front door she had 90 days to vacate the premise.

The city of New London Conn, exercised its power of eminent domain. The city wanted to tear down a row of modest homes in a working class neighborhood NOT for the purpose of a highway or a bridge or some other infrastructure, but for a real estate developer to build a five star hotel and luxury condos to accommodate Pfizar ‘s research facility. A battle began…………