Boston Real Estate for Sale

From the Boston Globe:

A Boston real estate developer was charged yesterday with dispatching several enforcers to threaten a local realtor and his family over a $90,000 business debt.

The FBI alleges that the victim, who was suffering some financial difficulties, was threatened in the refined confines of the Bristol Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston and stripped of his $5,000 Mont Blanc watch.

Posing as Josh Wingenheimer, Lee arranged to meet the victim at his real estate office Jan. 29, purportedly because he was interested in purchasing Back Bay property for $1 million.

The affidavit says that Lee arrived at the victim’s office with two “thugs’’ and told him: “You owe an awful lot of money on the street. You owe Gefke and now you owe me.’’

Lee allegedly threatened the victim and his daughter and demanded $10,000 immediately and another $10,000 later.

The victim, identified only as John Doe and a Boston real estate broker, asserts that he owed $90,000 for the 2007-2008 renovation of a condominium at 263 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston’s Back Bay.

Hmm… the victim is a Boston Broker, interesting.

Does anyone have the inside scoop on this? I think there’s more to this story.

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