The long-delayed, 30-story mixed use tower known as Kensington Place in Chinatown seems to be moving forward. The developer, Kensington Investment Co., is resubmitting plans to the Boston Redevelopment Authority this week, according to the Boston Herald.

New plans eliminate a parking area and up the number of rental units from 300 to 360. Apparently this is enough to get the developer’s investors off the sidelines. Plans were first proposed in 2003 and in 2005 the historic Gaiety Theatre was leveled to make room for the project at the corner of Washington and LaGrange — which quickly turned into an empty lot.

The additional “empty hole” has been a sore point for Chinatown residents who backed the development to rid the area of its old “Combat Zone” reputation. The timing of the restart seems odd — seemingly out of nowhere. Kensington has reportedly agreed to pony up a whopping $7 million to a Chinatown elderly housing development, so some kind of penance seems to have been paid.

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