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Luxury Home inspection: What you should know as a buyer

In recent years, state-of-the-art amenities and exquisite additions to homes are becoming a common thing in high-end real estate. There are some houses out there that can be rivals to the worlds’ most famous five-star resorts. From fully automated homes and wine cellars, all the way to incredibly nice spas and pools.
Owners nowadays want a full-time lifestyle inside of their homes, so builders have no choice but to step up to meet the demands. What all of this means is that luxury home inspections are much more than just a formality. They’re usually very demanding, but for good reason, as you’re looking at all the things that you’re
going to love using if everything checks out. So, here’s what you as a buyer should know and consider when buying a luxury property.
Make the inspection official
The first thing you need to know is actually a very important one. It’s not enough just to verbally tell the seller that you want to inspect the house before closing the
deal. You’re spending a lot of money so there are no risks to be taken here. So, make sure to work with your agent and list the luxury home inspection in the
contract as a contingency clause. This part defines the conditions or actions that need to be taken so the real estate contract can become viable
A contingency clause is usually defined in a way so that the buyer has a set amount of time (usually 10-14 days) in which he can inspect the property after both parties sign the purchase offer. What this means is that you get the chance to back out from the deal if you don’t get on the same page with the current owner.
However, this also gives you enough time to prepare and do everything even if you’re, for instance, buying a property in Boston remotely. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for you

Can you skip the inspection?

Sometimes, buyers have enough trust in the owners to consider not doing the inspection at all. However, our professionals state that this is always a bad idea.
Even if you’re buying from a relative or a close friend, you should still opt to do it. Not because the seller may deliberately try to hide something, but because some maintenance issues simply aren’t as apparent to the untrained eye.

Technology is the ultimate convenience

When you’re buying a luxury home, the biggest and the most luxurious part of itis the technology. It enables the home automation that will control all your lighting, security, AC, and other systems. This is what the buyers usually are ready to spend the most money on, and is a part of a reason why the national housing market is setting records. Therefore, it’s only natural for it to be the main thing to check and inspect
These systems are highly integrated and they usually work thanks to separate streamlined systems, and it’s extremely important to make sure that everything
works as it should. If that’s not the case, you may be looking at some expensive repairs.
Therefore, proper inspectors will have the knowledge and ability to check end ensure that everything is working in sync and that it won’t fail when it’s the most important. Make sure to hire the right person for the job, as this is not something that anyone can do.
Therefore, if there’s a wine room in your new home, make sure that your luxury home inspection doesn’t miss it. Ensure a detailed inspection of the cooling unit and its’ ability to hold temperature. Additionally, check the humidity levels in the storage area to ensure everything performs normally.
On the other hand, new owners often like to redecorate the wine tasting part of the house after they move in. So, make sure to choose a proper way to store your belongings if you decide to renovate.

Private spas and pools

Infinity pools, Olympic pools, all kinds of jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms; you name it. All of these things are highly valued by both buyers and investors. Consequently, since they’re very desirable features, home inspectors must take multiple factors into the account.
The two most important things are the foundation conditions and the functionality of the pool or spa. Also, if there are some additional ornaments or decorations like waterfalls or swim-up bars, they need to be checked out as well.

Living spaces

Nowadays, the term living space encompasses more than just the inside of the house. So, you can expect to see things like extravagant outdoor kitchens or living rooms beside the pool. These are often referred to as ”beyond steps” and usually are popular with homeowners that seek the highest levels of luxury. Luckily, home builders are optimistic so there are many properties that have these amenities.
So, if you’re looking to buy a house that has an outdoor stove, refrigerator, or grill, make sure to check gas lines that lead to it. The same goes for poolside fireplaces that are a growing trend. A good inspector will easily detect any potential safety hazards so you’ll know if you need to deal with anything

Sport courts

And the last things you don’t want to forget when performing your luxury home inspection are the sports courts. Bowling alleys, basketball or tennis courts, and additional recreational areas can make a wonderful occasion of any gathering. But, for you to be able to enjoy them, they need to be in working order. You want your the home inspector to check the quality of the structural integrity and any electronic devices associated with them
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