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The following real estate news report is from WGBH:

If this were a normal May, every weekend would be filled with potential buyers traipsing through homes, pulling open closet doors, peeking behind shower curtains and inspecting boilers. But this is not a normal May.

This year’s real estate market is in a pandemic-induced funk. The Massachusetts Association of Realtors reported that the state had the lowest number of homes for sale in the month of March since the organization started counting 16 years ago. April numbers aren’t out yet. And with the coronavirus pandemic not yet over, there are questions about what the future holds for Massachusetts real estate

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From the Boston Globe about Boston Condo for sale prices:

The median condo sale price has now increased by double digits on a year-over-year basis for three straight months as a flood of new luxury condo units reached occupancy,” Warren said. “What is uncertain is whether other new units already under contract and ready for occupancy in April – and beyond – will close despite the looming recession.”

In Greater Boston, home prices rose despite “sharply declining inventory,” according to a report the Greater Boston Association of Realtors …

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