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The Globe is out with a story about the 2009 mayoral race (even though there is none, as of now …)

It looks as though Ralph Martin, Mike Flaherty, and John Tobin are in. The others mentioned in the article are unlikely to get much traction. Mike Ross? Maybe b little early.

The Globe makes one mistake in its article – it says that Mayor Tom Menino will be in office longer than any other mayor, come this summer.

Not entirely accurate. Kevin White was in office for 16 years. Elected office.

Thomas Menino took over for Raymond Flynn when Flynn ran off to the Vatican; Menino was “acting mayor” for at least two years, I think. [Correction: I think it was more like 4 months.]

Running for mayor could be political suicide for someone like a city councilor …

Raising money for a campaign against him would be daunting, since Menino inevitably takes challenge personally, holds grudges, and controls the levers of city government. The lawyers and developers who traditionally fund city campaigns are reluctant to stray from the mayor; even those who are not his biggest fans rely on his administration’s support for quotidian items from liquor licenses to building permits.

But, to the three men who so far seem interested in running, I don’t think it matters.

My take? Flaherty will run, of course. So will Martin. Martin will quickly get the edge, and not just because he is backed by “business and institutional leaders”, as the Globe put it. He’s older, perhaps more polished.

Which man is better for the city? I’d be happy with either, based on the limited knowledge I have.

What do you think? Should we accept the status quo? Is our city in great shape, should we stay the course? Or should we take a chance on someone new?

Source: Waiting for Menino,  By Stephanie Ebbert, The Boston Globe

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