I’ve been scooped!

According to the Globe:

MLS Property Information Network Inc. (MLSPIN), the primary database for brokers who list properties for sale in Massachusetts, will now post its listings on the national real estate website, Trulia.com.

I found out this news yesterday but didn’t think to post it. I wish I had!

Individual agents can post their listings on Trulia, and Coldwell Banker and other brokers submit feeds, as well, but MLSPIN will be the first Multiple Listing Service in the nation to feed its listings to Trulia.

This is a radical departure for Trulia, which has often said it does not intend to be a competitor to brokers and/or listing services. But, according to one executive at the company, MLSPIN approached Trulia, not the other way around, and Trulia was happy to oblige.

I met with at least half-a-dozen people from Trulia over the past two days. They are a great group of individuals (and they throw one hell of a party (two parties, actually)).

Trulia hasn’t made much of a splash in the Boston area; not one person has ever mentioned the company to me, agent or client. I expect this to change, over the next several months.

Source: Trulia.com nabs MLSPIN data – By Kimberly Blanton, The Boston Globe

More: Trulia.com

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