You’re prepared with your pre-approval letter, your wants and needs list, and your knowledge of the Boston Midtown real estate market. Now comes the fun part: searching for Boston Midtown high rise condos. Like any part of buying a Boston condo for sale, the home search has its ups and downs. But once you’re living in your new home, spending weekends shopping for furniture and décor, and enjoying all the amenities of your new location, you know you wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Here are the moments only home buyers understand.

1. When You Hit “Search” for the First Time

You put your price range, number of bedrooms, and a couple of must-have features into an online home search tool, then hold your breath while the results page loads. Look at all those Downtown Boston real estate listings! Your new home is just a click away!

2. When You Make a Day of Driving Through Your Favorite Neighborhoods

You find yourself giving this excuse to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else who wants to make plans: “Sorry, I’m busy all weekend. I’m going to view Boston Midtown real estate for sale.

3. When You Fall in Love with Several Different Homes

You just can’t help it! You’re picturing yourself reading by the window, cooking meals in the kitchen, decorating the bedrooms, exploring the downtown stores nearby, and even running errands to the closest grocery store.

4. When You Go Overboard on Your Must-See List

Your downtown Boston real estate broker warned you not to have a long list of Boston condos for sale to view. Now that you’ve seen a handful of properties, each new home is starting to look just like the one before it, and trying to keep them all straight is making your head hurt. The home buying struggle is real.

5. When Your Favorite Home Goes Off the Market

Another buyer scooped up your favorite Boston midtown condo before you could even call your real estate agent for a showing, or worse, it went under agreement just before you’re about to make an offer.

6. When You Tour a Home That Clearly Isn’t Ready to Sell

For a second you think you’re in the wrong place. There are fingerprint smudges on the windows, dust bunnies in the corners, clutter in the closets, family photos on the walls, home décor that’s easily 30 years old… Yikes. This looks nothing like the online listing photos you fell in love with!

7. When a New Listing with All Your Criteria Hits the Market

This Midtown condo has everything you’ve been searching for, and it just showed up in your inbox! You scramble to schedule a showing, make an offer, and thank your Realtor for signing you up for email alerts. Finally, you’re going to buy Boston Midtown condo

8. When You Still Don’t Understand Parts of the Closing Process

Even though your agent explained everything that happens after you make an offer, you’re still confused about some things, like “earnest money.” placed with an Offer. Earnest money is the amount of one thousand dollars to be placed in escrow you pay with the signed Offer so the seller can take their home off the market. (You get this money back if sale falls through, in most cases)

9. When You Finally Move Into Your New Home

All those days spent researching Boston downtown real estate, cancelling plans to go to showings, and taking pages and pages of notes about your favorite properties have paid off. The home is finally yours!


The home buying process has its ups and downs, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll sign you up for alerts of new listings, coordinate showings, and guide you from your home search to the closing table. Ready to get started? Just give us a call!



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