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So, a developer wants to build a 29-story mixed-use high-rise facing the new Rose Kennedy Parkway, where Chinatown meets the Financial District.

That area is zoned for buildings up to 100 feet; as proposed, the building would rise 340 feet.

That’s a lot taller.

Calling this location “Chinatown” is somewhat misleading. In fact, any neighborhood’s boundaries are loosely defined (ask anyone who lives in Mass Ave for example … I’ll give you a dollar for each one who responds (accurately) that they live in Roxbury).

The location is as much a part of the financial district as it is a part of Chinatown.

Obviously, the issue is, Chinatown has been facing the threat of growth for many years (decades) going back to when the Central Artery was being built.

However, Chinatown is much more a part of the downtown core than are other neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill, the South End, the North End, etc. Therefore, it has less of a “right” to remaining residential. The majority of people living down there now probably live in the massive Mass Pike towers development (heavily subsidized) rather than the small brick buildings that line the streets.

It’s hard for me to understand how their lives will be adversely affected by this new tower, no matter its size.

The Globe article includes a graphic showing new and proposed high-rises for that part of town.

More: Question of scale: Is tower too tall for Chinatown? – By Thomas C Palmer, Jr, The Boston Globe

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