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While researching the previous blog entry about real estate agents leaving the business, I was trying to find a good graphic.

I immediately thought of the perfect person to represent the typical real estate agent.

good ol gilGood ol’ Gil.


Gil actually was a real estate agent who quit the business. He’s now an attorney (guess he went to Springfield College of Law, nights, or something?).

Remembering that classic episode of The Simpsons (episode 187, Realty Bites), here are some great quotes about the real estate business (or, not):


* Sea Captain (after taking the realty exam): “Yar, I nailed that one about houseboats, did you?”

* Marge: “But all I did was tell people the truth.”
Hutz: “And that’s great, but you need to understand that there’s the truth” (frowns and shakes his head), “and the truth (nods and smiles broadly). For instance…” (Shows Marge book of houses)
Marge: “That’s awfully small.”
Hutz: “I say it’s cozy.” (Flips page)
Marge: “That one’s dilapidated.”
Hutz: “Rustic!” (Flips page)
Marge: “That house is on fire!”
Hutz: “Motivated seller!”

* Ned Flanders (before knowing the house’s past, as the scene of a gruesome murder): “Will you look at this place! And the price has been slashed repeatedly!”
Maude: “It’s sure built solid. The kids could scream bloody murder, and no one would hear!”
Ned: “Well, I’m just gonna spill my guts. I love it to death!”

* Kearney (seeing Snake escaping): “Hey! You’re ruining it for the rest of us!”

* Wiggum: “This is Wiggum reporting a 318 – ‘Waking a police officer’!”

* Snake (sniffing his car’s exhaust): “That…smells like regular. She needs premium, dude! PREMIUM! DUDE!!”

* Ned Flanders : (Screams like a little girl) “Purple drapes! All my life I’ve wanted purple drapes!” (Screams again).

* Marge has passed her real estate exam

Marge: “Thank you Bart, thank you Lisa for all your help.”
Homer: “What about me? You didn’t thank me!”
Bart: “You didn’t do anything!”
Homer: “I like being thanked.”

** Simpsons trivia: During the episode, as originally aired, Kirk Van Houten loses an arm, violently, and cruelly, and unnecessarily. Due to adverse viewer reaction, this scene was cut from syndication reels. **

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