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Of all the financial considerations that should be taken into account when settling into a Boston Midtown condo, the actual costs of moving are usually not given the proper amount of attention. For this reason, many people end up experiencing sticker shock when they realize how expensive a relocation can be. The problem with moving is that it’s an economic activity that is part of a very lucrative industry intrinsically connected to the housing sector. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the moving industry generates more than $85 billion each year, and this is despite the growing popularity of do-it-yourself moving. With a little research and some planning, you can shave quite a few dollars off the cost of the move into your downtown Boston high rise condo, penthouse, or loft. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

Don’t Make Moving a Last-Minute Task

One of the most common reasons people are surprised by the cost of moving to a Boston Midtown high rise is that they often ignore it or leave it as something to consider at the last moment, and this is when things can get really expensive. Planning ahead is the best course of action you can take. If you intend to hire a moving company to transport your furniture and personal property, you’ll pay a lot more if you call them on Friday afternoon expecting their services on Saturday morning.

Estimate How Much Moving Will Cost You

Many moving companies offer online tools to estimate costs. They’re essentially worksheets that take into consideration the number of items to be transported, the amount of truck space they will take, how many handlers will be required, the distance, packing materials, and any special handling. You can use these tools to get an idea of how much cash you should be setting aside. Moreover, getting a couple of estimates could motivate you to consider a do-it-yourself move.

Think About Post-Moving Costs

It’s virtually impossible for moving companies to estimate how much you’ll have to spend once you’re settled in. This is entirely up to you, and it could come as an unpleasant surprise if it isn’t factored in. A real moving budget should include more than just packaging and transportation. Anything else you must do to get your household up and running should also be considered, and this may include paying for utility deposits, restaurant meals for a couple of days, quick fixes to your new home, and emergency cash.

Do It Yourself for Ultimate Savings

Even with a rental truck and purchased packing supplies, taking care of a move on your own could save you more than 50 percent, and you can further reduce the cost if you obtain cardboard boxes from stores and use your car to move a few personal items.

Get Rid of Clutter Before Moving

Many people think about renting storage space when they move into smaller Beacon Hill homes, but this isn’t conducive to saving. Anything you realistically know won’t be used in your new place shouldn’t be loaded into a moving truck. The best strategy is to donate or sell items you’ll no longer use. When you’re looking at real estate for sale in downtown Boston, don’t forget to factor in the costs of moving when you estimate your budget. Following the suggestions above can help you save money and make your move easier. You can also save money by hiring experienced, reliable real estate agents who know how to negotiate on your behalf. The realtors at Ford Realty can help you find your dream home at the lowest price. Call us today at 617-720-5454.

Boston condos for sale