That is a great building.

San Francisco is changing, and what’s going on is relevant to us, here, in Boston (to a certain extent).

SF’s downtown area, long dead and empty after 5:00 PM, is becoming more lively, as residential high-rises are built, bringing 24-hour a day activity with it.

The other important thing that is changing is, as the focus moves into the downtown area (in Boston, meaning Boston Proper, I assume), the city becomes less one of “neighborhoods” and more one inhabited by “new urbanites”, who are more transitory, either young, owning their first homes, or old, with pied-a-terres.

That will mean big changes for the future of our city.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

One Rincon will help create a whole new San Francisco neighborhood in what is now a wind-swept area where the sidewalks are deserted at night.

One Rincon also intensifies two trends — the gradual movement of the city’s center south of Market Street into what was traditionally an industrial district, and a social shift in San Francisco.

The old San Francisco of middle-class and working-class families is vanishing, replaced in part by a city of more wealthy residents. Some of the new residents are only part-time San Franciscans, who reside elsewhere and have second homes in the city.

Over the last few years, with construction of new, expensive condos near the baseball park and in Mission Bay, the old image of San Francisco — as a downtown core surrounded by colorful neighborhoods like the Haight, Noe Valley, the Castro, North Beach and the Inner Sunset — is rapidly changing.

Of course, Whiny McGrumpsters are not pleased:

This is not necessarily a good thing, according to Allan Jacobs, a former San Francisco planning director. He doesn’t like high-rise buildings like the one on the top of Rincon Hill. “Nothing,” he says, “should be higher than the (bay) bridge deck.”

The city’s skyline, Jacobs thinks, should preserve what he calls “the nature of San Francisco,” which he says is “simple, light-colored buildings.” Viewed from the bridge, San Francisco should be tall buildings, set off by hills.

A city is like a shark. It dies if it doesn’t move forward.

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