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Boston Condos for Sale in 2021


Never make predictions, especially about the future – Casey Stengel 

The headline from the Jan 8, 2020, edition of the New York Times was neither sensational nor productive:

“China Identifies New Virus Causing Pneumonia like  Illness”

If you skipped over reading the article  about a mysterious flu outbreak in Wuhan as I probably did, you have been forgiven.

If you were like me you were crying about how the New England Patriots loss to the Tennessee Titans and would it be Tom Brady’s last game here in Boston

Boston Real Estate Broker – 2021

The new year is here, ready to unfold the downtown Boston condo market for both buyers and sellers. I have at this time no idea what lies ahead. I have no crystal ball. No one does yet; I am excited and ready for the days ahead to help my clients to buy and sell Boston condos for sale.

But most importantly, may we embrace a faith in the vaccine we will all we get (hopefully soon), stay humble in our predictions and know hope, sweet hope that 2021 will be better than 2020.

Boston Condos for Sale in 2021

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