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Developer Ori Ron has unveiled plans to build a 29-story, 180-unit residential high-rise at the corner of Kingston Street, overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

The building will also include 4,000 square feet of retail space and 160 parking spaces.

As proposed, the building is almost four-times what is permitted by current zoning regulations.

Residents of the neighborhood (meaning, Chinatown) are not enthusiastic.

“We’re against it because 29 stories of luxury housing isn’t going to help Chinatown,” said Amy Leung, a community organizer for the Chinese Progressive Association.

However, some residents approved of the developer’s plans.

“I think that this building should be taller,” said Tony Yee, president of Chinatown Main Street. “Boston is like the corn fields compared to every other city.”

Of the historic Dainty Dot building, Yee said: “If I had my way, I’d take a bulldozer and plow it down.”

That. Is. Awesome.

Source: Beautiful, But Tall… – By Adam Smith, SAMPAN

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