Boston condos

Boston condos

From the Mass. Association of Realtors: “The Boston City Council is considering a new ordinance that will act like a new tax on condominiums, require reporting of utility and water bills to your condo association, and impose fines on condo associations which fail to conduct energy audits and report results to city hall regulators.”

No objections here about promoting, implementing and enforcing energy efficiency — and this idea appears to effect only larger condo associations and buildings. But here’s the problem: Letting government know just a little bit more about how you conduct your life. It may be good-intentioned and even necessary, but it’s still a little creepy.

File under: Nanny-state creep

Update: Here’s an interesting story on an unrelated issue that nevertheless applies here: “Three cheers for the nanny state.” The lead sentence says it all: “Why has there been so much fuss about New York City’s attempt to impose a soda ban, or more precisely, a ban on large-size ‘sugary drinks’?”

OK, we’ll try to answer that mocking question from the philosophy professor: Taken individually, many of these ‘nanny state’ laws are good-intentioned and fine. But taken collectively, they add up. Put another way: How about only one or two cheers for nanny staters? Why the three cheers? The enthusiasm to boss people around is creepy.

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Boston condos

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