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I hope this series is as good as I think it’s going to be.

HGTV’s new reality series, “Bought and Sold� premieres tonight, Sunday, April 29th, at 10 PM.

Former actors, models and even pro-sports players adopt a second career as real estate agents, and stop at nothing to outmaneuver other agents to get a listing, and subsequently sell.
You really must see these guys in action to believe it, so check out an embeddable video preview of the premiere. See an agent spare no expense to win a big listing.

There was a great “reality-TV” type program a couple months ago that documented the lives of several Malibu, California real estate agents. It was really good, although I think it was of limited interest to anyone who wasn’t in the real estate industry.

The HGTV series might be more of the same, but I’d at least watch the first episode and decide for yourselves.

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