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Newly weds move into a Beacon Hill studio apartment

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Newly weds move into a Beacon Hill studio apartment

Jeffery took one end and Patrick the other and together they carefully maneuvered the old brass bed through the front door of the newly-weds Beacon Hill apartment. Upon entry they proceeded thru the open verandah doors to the open space that is going to be used as a bedroom.

Chantelle brought in the cotton sheets, the embroidered pillows, and finally the multi-colored blanket that her distant cousin had knitted.

creativeco op multi color recycled throw blanket

It was the last items of the Beacon Hill move-in. The newly wed tenants loved there Beacon Hill apartment, and thanked Jeffery and Patrick for there help as they were drinking their just deserved beers on a two-person seated couch.

The time had come. She took him by the hand and led him to their bedroom area.

There the newly weds proceeded to remove their clothes. Naked, they looked into each others eyes and saw excitement, she licked her lips, she thought, he was gorgeous, tall, slim, and all male. He lifted the sheet and came into her arms .

She was seventy. He was eighty. Their new life had just begun here in a studio apartment in Beacon Hill

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