If you ever walk down Boylston Street, around the corner from the Tower Virgin Records Building, you’ve seen the (closed) back entrance / exit to the Hynes/ICA Green Line stop.

The MBTA says it is opened on high-traffic days, including the day of the Boston Marathon (I’d argue that this is the only day they open it, but maybe I’m wrong).

Rumor had it that the T was considering opening that entry-way on a regular basis.

Rumor was wrong, according to Mac Daniel, in the Boston Globe:

“(R)eaders of the ne.transportation newsgroup (noticed) three automated fare-collection gates going up at the entrance, (and) there was brief hope that the back entrance would finally (re-)open …”

Nope. The T installed the machines under the assumption that, someday (yet to be determined), there will be enough traffic to, presumably, make opening the entrance / exit useful and/or cost-effective.

Let me say it again. They installed the three machines, even though they have no plans to ever use them.

According to Mac, “The gates, by the way, cost $28,000 each. There are three of them at Hynes’s unused back entrance, which equals an idle $84,000.”

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Updated: January 2018

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