Two new developments, made up of at least three towers, are being proposed for the North Station area.

The first is a 37-floor tower to be built by Delaware North, owners of the “Garden” and Boston Bruins.

The developer may market the building toward sports enthusiasts.

Currently, the 37-story tower, a $200 million project that would feature 361 condos, carries a more pedestrian name, the Nashua Street Residences.

Delaware North is … exploring other ways to leverage its core sports business as it looks to build its first major residential project, with a groundbreaking slated for the fall …

… The company plans to play up the new tower’s location next door to the home of Boston’s pro hockey and basketball teams, and the many pubs and entertainment venues nearby that service fans. It will also promote the proximity to the North Station commuter rail hub, where there are plans for a connection between the tower and the station.

“I think it’s the ultimate sports enthusiast’s residence,� said Jacobs, whose family controls Buffalo, N.Y.-based Delaware North and who oversees the company’s Boston operations.

I hope not. I think they should just advertise it as a typical luxury or high-end condo development. To a lot of people (okay, maybe just me), sports events brings to mind drunks, fights, and traffic jams. Not necessarily the place I’d want my clients investing $500,000 of their money.

The other project is to be located a bit further behind North Station, near Lovejoy Wharf. It will probably include 250 condos in two towers, a 14-story building and 11-story building.

This is the development that has owners at Strada234 up in arms (do a search on my website for an earlier blog entry about it), because some owners’ views would be obstructed by the new construction.

I’m ambivalent about the controversy. On one side, I don’t think the people at Strada234 should be able to stop the construction – they should never assumed they’d have views forever.

However, based on what I’m reading, the zoning for the area allows buildings of only 55-feet in height. The two towers being proposed are at least twice that height. That doesn’t seem fair. Why have a law if you’re just going to break it, first chance you get.

But, on the other side, Strada234 is 155-feet high, and it also got a pass on the zoning regulations, so they can’t complain that someone else wants an exemption, too.

More details: Garden condos close to the action – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

BRA paves way for harbor project – By Thomas C Palmer, Jr., The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018

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