Not all Boston condos change in value equally

Sitting down and discussing your Boston condo value with a professional is important before marketing our condo because the real estate industry is so local in nature and is subject to very different variables depending on your locale.

  • There is a lot of variation from one Boston neighborhood to another neighborhood there is no exception to this rule. There have been areas that have moved at a 5-10% greater rate than other areas.
  • Some neighborhoods in Boston appreciated by 20%, and others appreciated only 5% in the last few years (although these are both fantastic numbers).
  • Just recently I sat down with a client who was having a financial issues and thought he needed to sell his Boston condo . This person just didn’t realize that there was enough appreciation in his condo that it could qualify for refinancing and get cash out to fulfill his financial obligations. This is one major reason to keep up to date on your real estate options. It could save you a good chunk of money.
  • Long Term Planning: Your life can take you to a lot of different places, and it’s a good idea to let your real estate agent know about these ahead of time – whenever possible.
  • Try figure out your trajectory in terms of your real estate holdings so that they are suitable for you now and moving forward into the future.

I want to get together with you to formulate a plan for your future, as well as assess your current situation. Please contact me and I would be glad to set aside some time to talk with you about your portfolio. I can also help you find real estate in the boston area whether you’re looking to buy or sell. I am only here to help.

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