With the influx of money from Russia and the Middle East, London has become the premier destination for luxury real estate. Read how this penthouse sold for $220 million.

A six-bedroom penthouse at London’s posh One Hyde Park development has just sold for a record-breaking £140 million, or about $220 million, making it the most expensive piece of residential real estate in the world (in terms of current listings and sales). The massive deal eclipses the paltry $150 million asking price for The Manor, Candy Spelling’s monstrous mansion in Holmby Hills, California, previous holder of the World’s Most Expensive title. While the identity of the buyer remains a closely-guarded secret, speculation is centering on oligarchs and oil sheikhs, the London Telegraph reports. The palatial penthouse stretches across two floors and boasts bullet-proof windows, a panic room and stunning views across the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park. via Luxist

Hmm….I wonder what the real estate broker commission was?



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