The Boston condos for sale landscape is massive. There’s a specialist for nearly every activity — and that’s a good thing. To have a hassle-free real estate transaction, you need someone handling the mortgage, someone looking at the title, someone inspecting the Beacon Hill condo for sale, etc. That’s why a system has developed over the decades in which, in a given home sale transaction, there’s usually one real estate agent for the seller and one for the buyer.

Now some real estate agents will take that a step further and exclusively represent sellers or exclusively represent buyers as a career specialization choice to serve their clients in the most effective manner.

Boston Beacon Hill condo buyers broker

Lets view the advantages of being a Boston Beacon Hill buyers broker.

1. Improved Customer Service

When I first started the Boston condo for sale industry, obtaining my Boston real estate brokers licences in 1999, I represented both buyer clients and seller clients at the same time – like most Beacon Hill real estate agents. The problem I quickly learned is that most buyers wanted to view Boston Beacon Hill condos for sale on the weekends and most offers on my listings would also come in on the weekends. So at the same time I was running around around showing Beacon Hill homes, I was supposed to be negotiating offers on behalf of my sellers. Not a great scenario. When I switched a few years later to a seller’s only working with either the buyers only I was able to give my Boston Beacon Hill buyer clients my full attention, not divided by constant requests to call my Sellers. Since I specialized, I’m available at the office with almost no distractions. I’m able to respond to all offers quickly and give near immediate advice to all of my seller clients at the moment they need it.

2. Improved Marketing for Beacon Hill Buyers

For the many years I’ve been a Beacon Hill condo broker I’ve been able to spent a lot of my focus on researching exactly what needs a Boston Beacon Hill buyer looks for, how to get the best price in the shortest amount of time for my clients, and keep my thumb on the very latest Beacon Hill condo market trends and data. This has been true to the point that I publish my own Beacon Hill condo blog and write multiple articles on the Beacon Hill condo for sale market each month. I can really focus. .

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