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This is when you know you’re having a bad day.

Ted Poetsch lived in this house for 53 years. He made a few mistakes and lost his home, an issue that has affected millions of other households. But what makes this story unique is that the city of Minneapolis boarded him up in his own home. Poetsch, who is disabled and couldn’t climb through a window.

On May 12, the day the city inspector came to board up his house, Ted Poetsch was eating lunch. After living all of his 53 years at 823 Penn Av. N., Poetsch had an hour left to pack his stuff and get out.

Cane in hand, he lurched around, throwing a few things in bags, putting Kitty in the carrier. He heard the contractor outside starting to drill into the door frame.

Poetsch made his way down his narrow stairway, resigned to the end he had resisted for three years, through personal financial missteps, the false promise of a foreclosure “rescue” and a court victory that gave him short-lived hope.

He came to the door and realized that he was too late. A truck had driven away from the house, prompting those outside to think the tenants were gone. Poetsch had been boarded up inside his house.

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