Boston Labor Day

On Monday we celebrate labor
Whether you, your wife, or your neighbor
So let’s  give a shout
And push the kid out!

Buying a Beacon Hill Condo

Can’t believe what I heard on the phone
I have assets and own my own home
My score’s 808
So my credit is great
Why can I not get a Beacon Hill loan?

Boston Apartment

That carpet was horribly rank
The fridge just totally stank
There was trash all about
And the power was out
This apartment must be owned by a bank

Boston Condos for Sale

To buy a condo in Boston
you better prepare to do battle;
with multiple offers
and money in coffers
and nerves that don’t easily rattle.

Bank Failure Analysis

The credit crunch left deadly traces
On banks found in high and low places;
The research clearly shows,
As many suppose,
Loans on homes were to blame in most cases.

The New American Dream

The Smiths, of 212 West Cedar Street,
Thought their mortgage a terrible strain;
They defaulted and then
Moved next door to Mytrle St,
Where they rent and are solvent again.

COVID and Defaulting?

US consumer debts’ lightening
Has been a result of COVID’ tightening,
But those falling exposures
Have tracked loan foreclosures,
Which leads to conclusions more frightening.

Boston Real Estate Broker

A broker who pondered intently
That bankers abound evidently,
Found it hard to discern
What they all did to earn
The Beemer, the Benz or the Bentley.

Real Estate Debt

I can’t pay, no matter I tried,
A mortgagor woefully cried;
So there’s nothing to do
But to grab a cold brew
As I hit the emergency slide.

Good Money After Bad?

Further Fannie Mae bailouts, admittedly,
In the billions may seem like stupidity,
But less welcome, perhaps,
Is the market collapse
That would follow withdrawal of liquidity

 Totally Adequate Remedial Program

Politicians may argue and CARE a lot  
Whether bailouts were fiscally sharp or not,  
But two years and a day  
With Depression at bay  
Should make us appreciate HERO ACT a lot


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