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I mentioned this, about a month ago, but here’s an update.

The Red Cross building at 285 Columbus Ave will be converted in 63 one and two bedroom units, with 8 of these to be designated at “affordable”, “pegged to the median income of the area”. The majority of units will probably be listed in the $700,000 – $800,000 range. There will be 9000 square feet of retail and/or restaurant space on the first floor.

The surprising part is that the developer will not be offering parking with any of the units. I can’t imagine the neighborhood will be happy about that. The developer says they are looking to enter into agreements with local parking garages, but I have very little faith that this will amount to anything. I guess if you buy you might want to have a dedicated spot, but you might just end up taking your chances on the street, like everyone else in the South End.

Just wait until Columbus Center goes up. It’ll be a traffic jam like you’ve never seen before.

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Updated: January 2018

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