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I received a phone call and fax from a locksmith who informed me that there’s some sort of drama going on in the industry.

Basically, it seems as though some out of state companies are trying to muscle their way into the local market.

There are no state regulations or licensing requirements for locksmiths, so there is nothing stopping someone from advertising himself as a locksmith.

What seems to be happening, at least according to Massachusetts Locksmiths Association, is that these out of state companies are charging exorbitant prices to do basic work – picking a lock for people.

Hank Phillippi Ryan, who knows her way around a good story (regardless of facts) covered it an in expose, this past year.

It’s frustrating, dangerous and could happen to you tomorrow! You’re locked out of your house and have to get in. Be careful whom you call. Hank Phillippi Ryan’s exclusive investigation reveals you may be stuck with a ruined lock and an exorbitant bill! Its a big money secret some call a “Lock Crock.”

What does the Massachusetts Locksmiths Association suggest?

Check their website to get a referral to a reputable locksmith.

More: Massachusetts Locksmiths Association

Also: Hank Investigates: Lock crock – WHDH-TV

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