Selecting the right carpeting for your Boston condo for sale

The Boston downtown condo market is highly competitive and if your Boston condo for sale needs a face-lift before you put it on the market, then carpeting may be an option. New carpeting is a great way to add value to your home, and it will be appreciated by many buyers the moment they walk in.

If the carpeting in your Boston Seaport condo is worn, old, outdated or stained, then new carpeting may be an excellent investment. Like any other flooring styles in today’s market, carpeting is available in a great array of designs, colors and materials, and can instantly transform a shabby room into a room worthy of a second look.

Most carpeting today is constructed of wool, nylon or nylon blend materials, and is easily installed by professionals. In fact, you can expect your new carpeting to be installed in just one day and, unlike other flooring options, you can immediately use the room.

Carpeting Materials

Wool is the most expensive option in carpeting, and for good reason. Wool is comfortable and warm under foot, it wears beautifully, and the quality is apparent the moment you step onto it.

If wool is not in your budget, then you may want to consider nylon carpeting. Nylon, in most cases, is much less expensive than wool carpeting, and is great on repelling stains and resisting wear.

You may wish to avoid nylon-blend carpeting because, although it is the most inexpensive carpeting available, it is also the least attractive, the least comfortable and usually the first to show signs of wear and tear.

Carpeting Styles

After you have decided upon a carpeting material, you’ll next want to consider the type of carpeting for your Boston Beacon Hill condo. Traditional plush carpeting is always a good choice, and is ideal for many areas of the home.

Berber is also found throughout many Boston condos, as it is available in a nice array of designs and styles to suit virtually any taste. It can, however, become damaged, as the loops may be pulled out. Repairing Berber carpeting is often costly; therefore, you may want to reconsider Berber if you have pets that could snag their nails on the loops of the carpeting.

Frieze has become an increasingly popular choice for today’s homes, as it resembles shorter, more stylish shag carpeting. This cut-and-loop carpeting is a great choice for low-traffic areas, such as the bedroom, but may show signs of wear in high-traffic areas.


Finally, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the carpet’s ability to stand up to traffic, as well as its warranty.

Hardwood Floors

But remember this, most Boston downtown condo buyers prefer hardwood floors.

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