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Selling a Beacon Hill Property “as-is”

A recent story about selling a Boston Beacon Hill building “as-is”

Recently, I placed a Boston Beacon Hill property under agreement “as-is”. I’m sure you have heard of buying or selling a Boston condo for sale“as is”. But what does that mean? It just means that what you see is what you get and that the seller will not make any repairs or changes.

It doesn’t mean that the buyer can not have an inspection. A complete home inspection is necessary and part of the home buying process. In the case of “as-is”, it is even more important.

“As-is” buyers have rights

Beacon Hill condo buyers have the right to know what they are purchasing as-is. Sellers will not make repairs but if the purchase is inspection contingent the buyer can cancel the purchase.

If buyer inspections are not allowed

If buyer inspections are not allowed my advice is to pass on the Beacon Hill condo because it may need expensive repairs.

Selling “as-is” does not give the owner permission to deliberately hide property defects, nor does it protect them from lawsuits.

Boston Condos for sale and the Bottom Line

In conclusion, as a Beacon Hill buyer remember even if you place an accepted offer “as-is” you still have rights to your due diligence on the property.

Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2022

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