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Back in the day when the downtown Boston real estate market was hot, you could sell a home that was occupied by a tenant.

But in today’s environment, it is better to wait until they vacate, and then put the Boston Seaport condo on the market.  Here’s why:

Three reasons not to sell a Boston condo with a tenant

  1.  Today’s health concerns could cause bad feelings for the existing tenant which could prevent showings to potential buyers.
  2.  Should the tenant start looking around for a replacement apartment and finds out how expensive the next move can cost. Could create bad feelings.
  3.  By the time they leave, the condition of the home isn’t what it could have been either if they had left happily.

Staging is a critical component too, and unhappy tenants aren’t going to leave the home in great condition for the few showings that do take place.

Fewer or lower-quality showings means fewer offers, which isn’t good for the Boston condo seller.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Our policy today is to vacate the property first, make it look spectacular, and then put it on the open market.

Boston Condos for sale 


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