Beacon Hill condos for sale

It occurred to me recently that while showing a number of Beacon Hill properties for sale in my Downtown Boston neighborhood that the listing agents of these properties were not from the Boston Beacon Hill neighborhood. So, when asked specific questions regarding the properties there wasn’t a direct answer but a hesitation, and “I don’t know but I’ll get back to you” responses. Honestly, I hope everything works out for them. For anyone who has not yet listed their home but is considering it, I suggest to do the following.

Interview as many teams as possible

Interview as many teams as possible. Find true Downtown Boston Real Estate specialists. Find out what they know about the Beacon Hill home itself, the building, the condo association stability, and the future of the neighborhood. What tools would they use to market your Beacon Hill home for maximum exposure? What technological advances are they going to bring to the table to set your condominium apart from the others out thereAre you being told you can get a certain amount for your Beacon Hill condominium, and is that amount being backed up with numbers? Do they live in the Downtown Boston complex where you live? If not, do they live in the Downtown Boston neighborhood? If not, do they ever spend any time in the neighborhood. Do they have knowledge of the developer that built the community, and finally…are they familiar with the different floor plans in your building?

Ask questions

Please take the time to actually ask these questions. Find the Downtown Boston Real estate Broker that can answer any question regarding your home without hesitation or confusion. Find the team that lives in the building, or lived in the building at one time… OR has possibly sat on the HOA board for that building. Does your choice have knowledge of the team of people who sold the building originally for the developer or had some connection with that developer as it pertained to the sales and marketing of that building i.e. Sales Manager, Preferred Lender etc?

We, look forward to sitting with you, in your living room while you ask us these questions

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